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Benefits Of Direct Selling

Benefits of direct selling

I have been in the Direct selling Industry for  8 years and thoroughly enjoying it. I was employed as a Business Analyst in IT, and worked a 8 to 5 job for 14 years. I am mom to 3 beautiful children. I have chosen Direct sales as my profession, it is what and who I am. What does direct sales offer me as a work from home mom?

Imagine the freedom to set your own hours, to take vacation when you want, not when it’s convenient for your boss. Having flexible hours and a schedule suited to your own needs not that of the company! I can be a mom, a business leader, and able to cook something nice should the mood strike. I am able to empower and teach ladies in my team. Being able to pass on what I have learnt over the years to other ladies, makes me want to do more!

I love having my own money and spending it as I like. A portion to the Union, the Medical Aid, Tax man …. sound familiar. Well, my commission and earnings goes into building my team and into my bank account. Building your own business allows you to control your financial future. It’s an opportunity that allows you to leverage your time and offers a source of residual income that allows you to create true financial freedom.

Tax deductions for home based business owners — supplies, business mileage, even utilities for a designated office space — can really add up. A tax adviser who specializes in home based businesses can help you take advantage of all the tax benefits available to you. Life without a home based business, is like throwing money down the drain every single month!

Good companies recognize their staff’s achievements with more than money.Star awards with Justine gives recognition to those putting in the effort, FREE brochures, products, trips. Places I  have traveled with Justine are Bali, Mauritius, Zamziba, to name but a few.

You’re never too old to learn a new skill or overcome your shyness. Owning your own business, and being part of a direct selling company that cares, is amazing. Justine offers you a wonderful opportunity to develop.  Whether you’re a stay-at-home mom who craves adult conversation, a retiree who wants to remain socially active or a corporate employee who wants to create a life outside of work, the direct selling industry offers numerous opportunities for expanding your circle of friends.

When you’re employed by someone else you rely on them to give you a raise or a promotion. When you’re the boss, you decide! Set your own goals, dream big and create the life you want.
You no longer need to be a wage slave! Start living life on YOUR terms!

In a fast-paced world, we need to simplify our lives. Shopping at home — at a home party, on a consultant’s Web site or by simply picking up the phone and talking to someone who knows what you like and use — is a convenience customers appreciate.

Most companies allow their distributors to purchase items for personal use at significant discounts. Becoming a representative is a great way to stock up on products you love, and earn money by sharing them with friends and family.25%  or more discount on your personal sales, yes you can get this discount too!

Take advantage of the residual-income opportunity offered by building a team, and you’ll be on your way to earning money — even when you’re not working. Direct selling offers independent business owners the opportunity to maximize their income based on their personal efforts and those of their team.

Too good to be true, no just facts. Justine is a good company with a  fantastic product. If you would like to join Justine please send an email to info@beautysa.com


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