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Justine Tissue Oil Promotion

Justine Tissue Oil promotion

* The best Justine Tissue Oil promotion in 2015. Over 1 million South African ladies trust Justine Tissue Oil to provide ultra-nourishing skincare. Visibly reduces the appearance of scars and stretch marks in just 28 days. Proven during clinical trials. Fantastic Justine Tissue Oil promotion this month as we would…

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Justine June Fragrances

Justine June fragrances

"A tale of passion and romance" is the headline of Justine's June brochure. Get swept away by the sensual stories behind our exquisite fragrances.  Justine June fragrances for the refined lady or the sophisticated man. This month try the Justine Cantare EDP ( Eau de Parfum ) with a promise of…

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Share The Justine Beauty

Share the Justine Beauty

"Share the Justine Beauty" is the headline of Justine's May brochure and if the brochure cover is anything to go by, it's going to be a bumper packed month for our Justine customers and consultants. Love the focus on skincare this month, afterall Justine prides itself on being a skincare house.…

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Transform Body Range

Transform Body range

* The Justine Transform Body range promotes healthy, revitalised skin. With regular use it decreases cellulite. A build up of fat deposits and fluids under the skin can result in a dimpled, lumpy appearance, know as cellulite. Cellulite can be caused by a variety of factors and often appears on…

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Justine Sun Care Protection

Justine sun care protection

Smart sun care, know the facts. Warmer weather means we spend more time outdoors and enjoy activities in the sun. This also increases the risk of sun damage to the skin. It is vital that you protect your skin from the sun’s rays every day and not only when you are…

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Tissue Oil With SPF 25

Tissue oil with SPF 25

The ORIGINAL now protects with an SPF 25. * For over three decades, Justine’s Tissue Oil has been a trusted name among South African women. This ultra-nourishing, luxurious collection caters to a variety of skincare. The same trusted Tissue Oil formula now has Sun Protection Factor of 25 (SPF 25)…

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Justine April Brochure

Justine April brochure

INSIDE THIS BROCHURE This month Justine celebrates MOM by bring you a brochure filled with gifts just for Mom. The Justine April brochure is a tribute to Mom. Justine’s Tabasheer Eau de Parfum has been captivating customers throughout the years and still remains our bestselling ladies’ fragrance. InApril, customers can delight…

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How Should I Apply Justine Fragrances?

How should I apply Justine fragrances?

Apply the Justine fragrance to your pulse points. These are the inner wrists, base of the throat, behind the ear lobes, behind knees and the inner elbows. These points give off heat which helps the fragrance spread around you. When you spray the Justine fragrance on your wrists, lightly rub them…

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