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Scent Collection

Scent collection

Introducing the new Justine Scent collection. Celebrate nature with a floral and fruit inspired fragrances. Boost your mood with this exciting new collection of romantic and summer fresh scents.                 The collection currently has 2 fragrances: Rose and Citrus. Download current promotions from…

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Transform Body Range

Transform Body range

* The Justine Transform Body range promotes healthy, revitalised skin. With regular use it decreases cellulite. A build up of fat deposits and fluids under the skin can result in a dimpled, lumpy appearance, know as cellulite. Cellulite can be caused by a variety of factors and often appears on…

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Justine Sun Care Protection

Justine sun care protection

Smart sun care, know the facts. Warmer weather means we spend more time outdoors and enjoy activities in the sun. This also increases the risk of sun damage to the skin. It is vital that you protect your skin from the sun’s rays every day and not only when you are…

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Tissue Oil With SPF 25

Tissue oil with SPF 25

The ORIGINAL now protects with an SPF 25. * For over three decades, Justine’s Tissue Oil has been a trusted name among South African women. This ultra-nourishing, luxurious collection caters to a variety of skincare. The same trusted Tissue Oil formula now has Sun Protection Factor of 25 (SPF 25)…

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Justine’s Powerful Anti-Aging Technology

Justine’s Powerful Anti-Aging Technology

 The month of March is all about Justine's Anti-Aging A-Firm range. The range consists of products appropriate for ages 25,35,45. Skincare is about maintenance and regular application of products. We encourage skincare from an early age and hence the A-Firm has 3 age appropriate products. The first range is the A-Firm…

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Justine Tissue Oil With Rosehip

Justine Tissue Oil with Rosehip

A few years back Justine created a fabulous product called Tissue Oil with Rosehip. We know all about Tissue Oil but what does the Rosehip do. So what is Rosehip ? The rose hip, also known as rose haw or rose hep, is the fruit of the rose plant, that typically…

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