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Lucielle Netta Justine team leader I am a wife, mom to 3 beautiful children and a Justine team leader. I’ve been with Justine for about 6 years. My team currently consists of about 240 amazing consultants, from Limpopo to Cape Town to Durban.

A few years ago I resigned from a very stable job with a reputable employer, with no plans. My priorities needed some re-arranging! It was time to put my family first and work second!  I did not know what was in store for me, but I kept my options open by applying to two direct selling companies. Justine was my company of choice.  The business model was good, products excellent and money equated to the effort I put in.

I enjoy my family, traveling and gardening. With Justine I have the time and the extra money to enjoy these smaller pleasures. These are the small things that lift our spirits and feed our souls. I travelled to Bali, Zanzibar and locally in South Africa, as incentive rewards for sales. My team’s success is my success, with Justine you are part of a family. You are not alone.

As team leaders  we are further encouraged to promote our consultants to become business leaders. A few ladies were promoted out of my team who have gone on to become successful business leaders. At Justine we believe in you and your success, we recognize and nurture your potential. I am very proud of one in particular, Christina, who recently bought herself her first car with her Justine earnings. I am humbled to know that I played a small part in her success story.

And so I have many success stories in my team, empowering and coaching ladies to become more, to want more and to achieve more. I am Lucielle, making a difference through Justine!


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