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Inspiring Work. Empowering Women.

gm2A message from our General manager.

Five months ago I joined Avon Justine and embarked on a journey. What I didn’t realise then, was that beauty was the journey, empowerment the destination. It is truly such an honour and a privilege to get up each morning and make a choice to make a difference. To get up every day and know that what I am doing I am doing for a purpose.

Inspiring Work. Empowering Women.

This is what we do. The journey continues as there is huge potential across the country and the rest of the continent, with millions of women seeking a way to build a better life for themselves and their families.

This is our vision and they are our purpose. We have a shared passion for making a lasting difference in the world and are fulfilled by a sense of empowerment.

As we walk this road together, remember that each step we take has one purpose. A Beauty that is with us. A Beauty that is for us. Avon Justine. Our Avon Justine.

Inspiring Work. Empowering Women.


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    1. Hi Thank you for your interest in Justine.Do you ever come into SA or do you have family in SA.We currently only deliver within borders of SA. Another option is for me to courier items that you may want. Looking forward to your reply. I am on email at

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